Specialty Vending Machines

Stop staffing store rooms, get web based tracking and inventory control.

Supplies are usually under lock and key, making it hard for your staff to get what they need when needed. Then there is the question of inventory and usage. If you're not tracking it, where does it go?

When you get a specialty vending machine from Vendtek, these problems are a thing of the past. Welcome to the future.

Vendtek Safety supply PPE vending machine

Benefits of our Inventory Management Machines

  • 24x7 or Restricted Access

    Your staff can get what they need when they need it quickly. No more wasted time trying to find the person with the keys to the stockroom or cabinet.

  • Inventory Tracking

    Provides full detailed reporting of usage by employees, product use, by job, or by department.

  • Secure Storage

    Hoarding and item theft of supplies is a thing of the past when used in a corporate setting. In retail settings strong physical protections keep things secure.

  • Web Based Reporting

    Provides access for unlimited users on the front end and administrators on the back end while allowing various permissions.

  • Restrict Items as Needed

    Restrictions of use can be set on limits of items and/or quantity within set time frames with select employees and/or departments.

  • Access by Card, Pin, or Badge

    The machines arrive ready with controlled access with employee PINs or can be integrated with your employee cards or both.

Office / IT inventory management machine from Vendtek

Benefits of Specialty Retail Merchandisers

We start with one of our advanced vending merchandisers that Vendtek will configure to vend the items unique to your business needs. We then add optional features to integrate them into your business. Want your corporate branding on them? No problem, we can wrap them with your colors and branding.

Add some to your campus to augment your bookstore or have a mini-pharmacy available for OTC medications.

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OTC School Pharmacy vending machine example

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