Intelligent Locker Systems

For Inventory Control

Inventory control locker systems allow access to tools and products too large or too small to fit into traditional vending. They are also great for items that staff must check out and back in when done using.

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C-18 storage locker

Expandable up to 3 locker systems side by side or add a vending machine next to it that is connected.

Adjustable locker sizes allow for different size items.

Rear of cabinet has small holes available for electrical cords to keep the items charged when not in use.


Weighted scale option on the inside of the machine for small expensive components that calibrates the items took once door is closed.

Intelligent Locker Details

Connect them together for maximum storage

Inventory control locker systems allow employee access with employee card and/or PIN numbers. Our lockers are available in a variety of locker door sizes for your company’s tools and/or large consumable products that may be either too large or too small to fit into standard vending “coil” machines. Inventory systems allow for product check out and/or check in with swipe or keypad. Optional access holes for electrical charging stations, optional weighted scale systems for expensive small components that re-calibrate with employee usage, are available.

Key Features

Combine any vertical stack of 2 or 3 compartments
Minimum 6, maximum 36 compartments

Six compartment heights:

  • D1 – 11½”h,
  • D2 – 23”h,
  • D3 – 34½”h
  • D4 – 11½”h,
  • D5 – 23”h,
  • D6 – 34½”h
  • Optionally connects to vending
  • Optional weighted scale system for small components
  • Scale recalibrates with every access
  • PIN and/or employee card enabled
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Windows Doors
  • Electronic Locks
  • Configured to your specification
  • Easy access service panels
  • Side-to-side stackable
  • Lighted compartments

C-18 Intelligent Locker Features

  • Checkout Options

    Works with employee RFID cards, magnetic stripe cards, bar code cards, key fob and/or employee PIN #

  • Usage Reporting

    Provides full detailed reporting of usage on employees, products, jobs, departments of who took what, when, and where

  • Site Requirements

    Standard 110 electrical outlet & Internet connection

  • Access Control

    Easy to apply employee restrictions down to items by user or department.

  • Inventory Management

    Web Based System without any costly upgrades or software to maintain

  • Low Inventory Notification

    Automatic emails of inventories to designated staff

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