OTC Medications Vending Machine

Like a Mini Pharmacy on Campus

Ideal for over-the-counter medications and other wellness supplies. Perfect for campuses, clinics, and more.

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OTC Medications Vending Machine

Customizable product mix for your specific needs.

Accepts cash, coin, all credit cards, apple pay, google wallet and college cards.

Guaranteed vend system provides 100% product vend success rate or refunds the money.

Choose your own campus graphics or wraps with message and/or mascot.

Empower Students

The Campus Wellness Vendor

  • 24x7 Access

    Provide students with essential self-care wellness items right on campus 24x7.

  • Real-time Inventory Status

    With our innovative web management stock status and reporting, you can ensure that needed items are always available.

  • Cash or Credit Acceptance

    MDB support for all industry-standard devices, including cash, coin, debit, and credit systems including most college campus cards integration.

  • Adjustable Selections

    Quickly re-configurable to almost any package size. Full selection (5-3/4” W), 3/4 selection (4-5/16” W), plus narrow selection (2-7/8” W).

  • LED Lighting

    Bright lighting enhances product presentation promoting more sales. No bulb servicing for 5 years. Energy-efficient and eco-friendly.

  • Optional Delivery Assist for Full ADA Compliance

    The product is delivered at 15” via manual lift and actuated by product door entry.

Students on their way to class at a university

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Machine Description

The OTC Medication Vending Machine provides a convenient way for students to access essential over-the-counter medications and wellness supplies on school campuses. This innovative solution allows common OTC remedies like pain relievers, antihistamines, antacids, and feminine products to be dispensed quickly when needed. The machine allows pre-authorized students to securely obtain approved items using student ID cards, eliminating the need to visit a school nurse. Inventory levels are tracked in real time, and administrators are notified when restocking is required. An on-site dispensary cuts down on class absences for minor ailments and gives students anonymity and independence in caring for themselves. The OTC vending machine is an affordable way for schools to promote student health and well-being. Its controlled access and accounting features make it a smart investment that pays dividends in convenience and efficiency.

OTC Vending Machine Specifications 

  • Selections – Up to 65 items. Selection Pricing Individual from $0 to $9,999.95
  • Payment Systems – All Industry standard MDB compatible devices
  • Data Communication – DEX/UCS
  • Electrical Requirements Domestic: 115 VAC/60Hz, 1.2 AMPS
  • Dimensions – Height 72”(183 cm) Width 41” (104 cm) Depth 34.75” (87 cm)
  • Shipping Weight – 516 lbs. (234 kg) *Varies with tray configuration and options.

Rugged Outdoors Version Available

Vendtek has UL-listed versions of this machine built to withstand the elements. They also come hardened to withstand potential vandalism. Wireless or carrier LTE options are supported.


Model 3000– 72″H x 34 1/4″ “D x 30” W
Model 4000– 72″H x 34 1/4″ “D x 36” W
Model 5000– 72″H x 34 1/4″ “D x 41” W

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  • Customizable

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  • Nationwide Delivery

    We arrange for quick delivery to your location.

  • Expert Training

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  • Service and Support

    We provide service and support throughout the United States.

  • Shelving and Coils Config

    We provide shelving & product machine modifications as needed.

  • Factory Authorized/Trained

    We are the answer to all your specialty vending system needs.

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