Office / IT Supplies Vending Machine

The Office Supplies Vending Machine

Distribute commonly used office supplies like printer cartridges, pens, batteries, note pads, masks, gloves, with full tracking and easy access and ditch the storeroom.

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Medium size machine (model VT4000) allows for space restraints but comes in 3 different sizes.

Customized for your unique product mix

Employees can use a 4 or 5 digit PIN number for controlled usage

Employee card reader allows the machine to integrate with your employee cards

Guaranteed vend system assures product delivery

Ditch the Storeroom

Office Supplies Vending Machine Features

  • Authorized Access

    Works with employee RFID cards, magnetic stripe cards, bar code cards, key fob and/or employee PIN #.

  • Connected

    Powered by standard 110 electrical outlet & RJ45 networking port. Optional wireless integration.

  • Web Based Management

    Web-based management system without any costly upgrades. Use your browser.

  • Inventory Tracking

    Provides full detailed reporting of usage by employees, product use, by job, or by department.

  • Restrict Items

    Easy to apply employee restrictions to limit what is available by person, group, department, etc..

  • Inventory Status Notifications

    Automatic emails of inventories to designated staff based on your reporting thresholds.

  • Locker System

    Unit can be connected to a locker system for check out and check back in feature for larger items.

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Machine Description

This Office / IT Supply machine distributes and tracks commonly used supplies. It offers a quick, efficient, cost-effective solution toward inventory management 24×7.

Why pay staff to manage a store room under lock and key or lose inventory control with an open store room?

With an office supply machine from Vendtek, disappearing supplies will be a thing of the past. Everything is tracked, and our online web management allows you to manage your inventory easily.

The machine is ideal for ink cartridges, coffee supplies, IT supplies, batteries, photo paper, pens, pencils, highlighters and more.

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Rugged Outdoors Version Available

Vendtek has UL-listed versions of this machine built to withstand the elements. They also come hardened to withstand potential vandalism. Wireless or carrier LTE options are supported.


Model 3000– 72″H x 34 1/4″ “D x 30” W
Model 4000– 72″H x 34 1/4″ “D x 36” W
Model 5000– 72″H x 34 1/4″ “D x 41” W

Customized for your Needs/Items

We make your new vending machine work for your business. As part of setting up your custom vending machine, we’ll:

  • Ask you to send us 2 of each item you want to vend so we can get your machine ready to vend your specific products
  • Configure your machine exactly how you need – setting inventory levels, user access, alerts, etc.
  • Test vend every item you provide until we achieve 100% vend rates, ensuring your machine vends your products perfectly
  • Send your machine to you pre-loaded with your provided items, ready to go!

We also provide training for your staff so they can easily:

  • Manage inventory levels and restock items
  • Update user access and permissions
  • Customize alert settings

You’ll have our full technical support via our 800 number if any help is needed. With VendTek you get a custom vending machine tailored specifically for vending your products flawlessly.

Why Choose VendTek?

VendTek is a leader in the Vending Industry with over 30 years of experience and thousands of happy customers. We know what it takes to make your project a success and can help you fully realize the benefits of using vending technology to reduce overhead and increase employee satisfaciton in your operations.

  • Customizable

    Vend what you want. We customize the machines for your use case and needs.

  • Nationwide Delivery

    We arrange for quick delivery to your location.

  • Expert Training

    We train your team to utilize full benefits / savings.

  • Service and Support

    We provide service and support throughout the United States.

  • Shelving and Coils Config

    We provide shelving & product machine modifications as needed.

  • Factory Authorized/Trained

    We are the answer to all your specialty vending system needs.

  • Office Supplies

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    Vendtek has been customizing vending machines since 1989. Our experienced staff has worked with businesses of all sizes and we deliver directly to your location in the continental USA. 

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